Hello and thank you for taking an interest in As is the case with many other companies, collects data about you. We use this data to ensure the quality of our services and to select the information that’s most beneficial for you. This also helps us improve the way we work in order to provide purposeful and useful services in the future. 

When gathering and using your data, Dealoyal always follows its privacy policy. We aim to submit this information as clearly as possible, although if you have any questions related to our privacy policy you can always email us at 
You have many rights which allow you to control how we use your personal data, and we guarantee you the possibility to use it.

It’s very important for us to allow you to use these rights, which is why we ask you to take some time and read this privacy policy. If you have any questions or observations, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the email address above.

Who we are?

UAB Dealoyal
Kalvarijų str. 300 
Vilnius, LT- 08318 

Company code 303315196
VAT code LT100008645510

Data Protection Officer
Akvilė Želnytė

What data do we collect and how do we collect it? 

When you connect to our website

With the help of cookies, we collect information about the time visitors spend on our website. This allows the website to remember your system and settings. Other cookies are used so we can monitor website traffic and the actions of its users. The purpose of such data collection is the analysis of visitor behaviour in order to improve the experience of visiting our website. The cookies are installed on your device only with your permission. Some other cookies which are necessary to maintain the technical operation of the website are automatically downloaded.

You can disable cookies on your web browser using the following options: 


When you register

When you register with and create a profile we ask you to provide your name, surname, password, email address and bank card details.

The email address is necessary for the creation of the profile, for submitting information and for changing your password if necessary. The bank account details are necessary for specific transactions involving the buying of goods or services, a system in which the user receives a discount and consequently accumulates so-called ‘D-euros’.

When you add information to your profile

In order for us to select the offers that are most suitable for you, we ask that you provide additional information including gender, birthday, telephone number, city and language. We also like to know which information receipt method is the most suitable for you (push notification, SMS, workstation cheque or email).

When you purchase goods or services from our partners 

When you purchase goods or services and pay using the credit or debit card linked to your account, we receive from goods or service sellers information about a) the company from which you made the purchase, b) the time of purchase, and c) how much you spent.

How long do we keep your information?

Cookies. Our cookies are usually valid for a short period of time such as a day, week or month. In some cases however they may be valid for up to a year.

Account information. We store your data for as long as your account is active. After an account is deleted, we only keep information related to your previous transactions. In accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, this data is kept for five years.


According to the information stored within a profile, Dealoyal selects the most relevant offers and submits them to the user. Profile information can be amended or supplemented at any time. This is achieved by logging in to your account. By having access to your data, we can offer you the best and most applicable offers from our partners.


We submit the information to our users using a number of different methods that can be chosen by the users themselves (SMS, push notification or email). By choosing how you wish to receive the information and clicking on the corresponding button, you give your consent to receive the required information from us. These settings can be cancelled at any time after which no information will be received. If a user so wishes, the cancellation process can be reversed and users can once again agree to receive information using the chosen information channels.

With whom do we share information?

The information we gather is very important to us and we act responsibly with it, which is why we transfer only depersonalised data to third parties and only information related to a user’s purchase history (the company from which the purchase was made and how much the user spent).

We send emails using the MailerLite system. We only provide the email address to the company and by using organisational (agreements) and technical (encoded data) we ensure that this data won’t be disclosed to other persons.

Your rights?

You have and can use the below-mentioned rights:
1. To familiarise yourself with your processed personal data By logging in to your account you can familiarise yourself with the information we’ve collected about you.
2. To change or correct your personal data By logging in to your account you may change or correct the incorrect your personal information and settings
3. To delete your personal data Email us at and we’ll immediately delete your data. Please note that the data will only be deleted if the email address of the registered account and the one used to send the request are the same. 
4. To revoke your consent to allow us to process your personal data You may revoke your consent to allow us to process your personal data for marketing purposes by sending an email to
5. To transfer data to an electronic medium By logging in to your account you can at any time export your data to any readable electronic format
6. The right to submit a complaint If you think that your privacy rights have been infringed, you may submit a complaint to a relevant authority in the EU country in which you live. The contact information of these authorities can be found at 
7. More detailed information regarding Personal Data Protection can be found at 

This document was last updated on May 3rd, 2018.