What is Dealoyal? 
Dealoyal is a cash-back platform that allows you to receive part of your money back every time you shop with a registered bank card across our partner network.

Is this just another plastic card?
No! No more plastic cards. All of Dealoyal offers will be linked directly to your bank card so you will get rewarded instantly. 

Why should I join Dealoyal? 
Every time you pay with a registered bank card you will get cash back in a form of D-EUR. You can spend D-EUR across the whole Dealoyal partner network without any conditions (no minimum amount required, no need to cover part of sum in cash).

Why do I have to enter my bank card number?
Your bank card number along with your name allows us to identify who to transfer the money to. For example, if there are two people with the same name, bank card number will ensure that each of them gets the right cash back. 

Is it safe? 
Yes, it's completely safe. The only information that Dealoyal records is transaction amount to define your cash-back. 

How many cards can I register with Dealoyal? 
There are no limitations. 

Why do I get cash back to my profile instead of my bank account?
Both offers - to collect and to spend cash back are unique to Dealoyal hence the use of D-EUR enables us to ensure that our partners are interested in continuously improving their offers for you.

Are there any limitations to how I can use D-EUR?
The only limitation is that D-EUR can only be used to pay for goods and services across our partner network.

I saw an opportunity to earn D-EUR by inviting my friends to join. How does that work?
You have a unique code that you can use to invite your friends to join Dealoyal. Once your friend registers and makes a first purchase at one of our partner stores by a registered bank card, both of you will receive 5 D-EUR each. *We're keeping a right to change the reward occasionally.

I got a referral code from a friend/Dealoyal partner. What shall I do with it?
Enter the code and digits of your bank card during registration. Once you make your first purchase at one of our partner stores by a registered bank card, you will receive your friendly reward. 
NOTE: if you want to register with Facebook login you have to enter the code BEFORE the registration. Choose "Do you have a code?" on the registration form, enter the code and only then click register with Facebook.